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Hannah - A Portrait of Feminine Grace

Sidney Carter, artist
Powder Springs, GA

Hannah -- A Portrait of Feminine Grace

“Grace, favor, supplication, prayer for favor,” from Hebrew hmn,” to be gracious, merciful, compassionate.”

Hannah is recognized as mother of Samuel who becomes a prophet, judge, and king-maker – and as a good woman. She proves herself independent and resourceful, never abandoning her goals or demeaning others as a means to achieve them; she demonstrates women’s activity in family ritual practices; she discloses social responsibility by making a vow that is upheld by her husband; and she links the realms of private and public religious life by vowing dedication of her son and by bringing her own sacrifice to YHWH in fulfillment of that vow. Women In Scripture



Cameron J. Goins, 1st Year Student, A&T University
Bernadette Mayo, BAMI Products, Baltimore, MD
Tyrone Tyler, Excellence Barbershop, Ft. Washington, MD
Gregory Twitty, King Twitty International, Greenbelt, MD
Helen P. Stubbs, Chriscerrines Accessories, Edison, NJ
Thomas & Regina Jackson, Sultry Touch Collection, Dallas, TX
Phyllicia M. Hatton, Phenomenal Productions LLC, Ft. Washington, MD


Ramsess, artist
Los Angeles, CA

To provide tangible resources, information and education that will accommodate and serve God's people.

The baseline of the ministry has as its primary mission to edify a diverse segment of people in our society who are in alignment to God’s purpose. We provide access to information as a key to greater and improved physical, mental and emotional health. Hannah’s Grace, Inc. was founded to provide pathways to healing that will help develop stronger minds, bodies and relationships among like-minded beings.